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Fortune magazine's 500 largest publicly-traded companies, which collectively employ nearly 25 million people, have made significant strides in advancing equal protections and benefits for their lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer employees. The more successful the company (and the higher the rank on the Fortune list), the more likely the company is to have these protections and benefits in place.

Fortune 500

  • the vast majority (89 percent) prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation,
  • two thirds (66 percent) prohibit discrimination based on gender identity, compared to just three in 2000, and
  • the majority (66 percent) provide domestic partner health insurance benefits to their employees.

Fortune 10

The higher a company ranks on Fortune magazine’s list of the most successful businesses, the more likely it is to provide comprehensive protections and benefits to LGBTQ employees. Among Fortune magazine's 10 largest publicly-traded companies:

  • eight prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation,
  • six prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and
  • six provide partner health benefits.


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B Kelly Nomad Pink Women's Boot Rain 4qH8nEw8fp B Kelly Nomad Pink Women's Boot Rain 4qH8nEw8fp B Kelly Nomad Pink Women's Boot Rain 4qH8nEw8fp