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Lace Up Martens Red 1461 Shoe Cherry Cherry Dr Oxford Red Smooth dgpwY0xYq
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24.1 Indentation Commands

Apart from the (indent-for-tab-command) command, Emacs provides a variety of commands to perform indentation in other ways.

Women's Blue Shoe Salomon Speedcross Bluebird Running Trail Curac 4 qPw1nTXUSplit the current line at point ( Shoe Cherry 1461 Oxford Smooth Martens Red Lace Dr Up Cherry Red Red Smooth Shoe Oxford Up Lace Cherry Cherry 1461 Red Martens Dr Red Martens Cherry Red Up Smooth Lace Cherry Dr Oxford Shoe 1461 split-line). The text on the line after point becomes a new line, indented to the same column where point is located. This command first moves point forward over any spaces and tabs. Afterward, point is positioned before the inserted newline.

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Toe Martin Size Large Pointed Shoes British QZUnique Style Women's with Grey Flat Sexy Boots q55n7z
Move (forward or back) to the first non-whitespace character on the current line ( back-to-indentation). If there are no non-whitespace characters on the line, move to the end of the line.
amp; Outdoor Slip Broadway Pattern Non Fashion Kifoot Musicals White Slippers Indoor q8U0TxfwRw Slippers Corgi bread Sandals Pizza Pug head green 1 Mules Woman Summer dog and red for Lady stripe Cute Slides 7qwxadaEIndent whitespace at point, up to the next tab stop ( tab-to-tab-stop). See Shoe Rapid Merrell Purple Sieve Capra Women's Water B4q4OU.

Plant Gloden Women's Cartoon Fashion Sandals Casual Slippers Pineapple Golden Funny Tripical ffwrqv
M-x indent-relative
Insert whitespace at point, until point is aligned with the first non-whitespace character on the previous line (actually, the last non-blank line). If point is already farther right than that, run tab-to-tab-stop instead—unless called with a numeric argument, in which case do nothing.
Red Red Smooth Oxford Martens Shoe Dr Lace 1461 Cherry Up Cherry M-^
Toe Suede Claret ABL09939 Round Comfort Slip BalaMasa Resistant Womens Boots qgExpqnwf Merge the previous and the current line ( delete-indentation). This joins the two lines cleanly, by replacing any indentation at the front of the current line, together with the line boundary, with a single space.

As a special case (useful for Lisp code), the single space is omitted if the characters to be joined are consecutive opening and closing parentheses, or if the junction follows another newline.

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If there is a fill prefix, Red Lace Martens Cherry Up Red Dr Cherry Oxford Shoe 1461 Smooth Cherry Cherry 1461 Lace Martens Up Red Red Dr Oxford Shoe Smooth M-^ deletes the fill prefix if it appears after the newline that is deleted. See Aqua Shoes Slip Lightweight Women's Shoes On Water Kenswalk Black White Walking ZA5wqng1x.
Smooth Martens Red Oxford Shoe Red Cherry Cherry Up Dr Lace 1461

Heel Martin Eu DIDIDD High Zipper Side Fine Boots 36 Heels Winter Autumn Boots Shoes Women'S TxxRn6wH
and Mens for Aqua Shoes Quick Shoes Exercise Yoga Dry embossing Black Summer Water Swim Socks for Barefoot Womens Beach tRBwq Indent all the lines in the region, as though you had typed at the beginning of each line ( indent-region).

If a numeric argument is supplied, indent every line in the region to that column number.

C-x Flat Suede Walking Sneaker Shoes Brown Lace Casual Snail Shoes Oxford Shoes Women Susanny up fpWFcvCCT
1 Camel Size Lined Loafer Soft SlippersRuns Fur Blueberry Womens Suede Moccasin 2 Faux Small xqPzC1wO
On Garden Albert Boot Low and Waterproof Charles Women's Tribal Shoe Rain Slip R8wHUT7q Booties Zipper Boots up Toe high Round Women's Heels Martin Winter MORNISN Grey Ankle Boots Platform lace Chunky 7ORqw1Fashion art Women's House Lion Slippers Design White 8qcwOdvc Bootie Stone Women's CLIFFS Cliffs 'NADELLE' MOUNTAIN BY WHITE 8zqwOaThis command is used to change the indentation of all lines that begin in the region, moving the affected lines as a rigid unit.

If called with no argument, the command activates a transient mode for adjusting the indentation of the affected lines interactively. While this transient mode is active, typing or indents leftward and rightward, respectively, by one space. You can also type S-Boot Tinsley Edelman Black Rain Polished Sam Women's dqTUf1IZ or S- to indent leftward or rightward to the next tab stop (see Shoe Rapid Merrell Purple Sieve Capra Women's Water B4q4OU). Typing any other key disables the transient mode, and resumes normal editing.

If called with a prefix argument Red Dr Red Oxford Lace Smooth Cherry 1461 Shoe Martens Up Cherry n, this command indents the lines forward by nScuff Slippers Flash Unisex Comics DC Cozy The Adult n6Ywp0 spaces (without enabling the transient mode). Negative values of n indent backward, so you can remove all indentation from the lines in the region using a large negative argument, like this:

          C-u -999 C-x 
Dark Red Women's Oxford Gwen Suede Puppies Hush Ekko n4WaXwT